Series: Solar Hybrid

Dimension(DXWXH): 480mm×300mm×158mm

Weight: 25Kg /26.7Kg

Communication Port: RS485

Warranty: 2 / 5 / 7 years

Certifiate: TUV,SAA,CE

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SO Series Inverter is a comprehensive power frequency type hybrid inverter for residential and commercial use. This machineconnected to battery can provide uninterrupted and stable power supply for customer even though the utility grid is failed. It can also run in the most economical and practical mode by your requirements to achieve objective economic benefits based on the comprehensive estimation and management for grid, battery energy storage unit, load and PV panel array.


Ø Low Frequency Transformer , High Safety , Strong Overload ability

Ø Multi-functions achieved by one device, such as independent loading, export electricity to grid , AC charge

Ø AC IN side support Grid or generator to improve the reliability for electricity use Multi-Application Mode available( UPS ; Load shifting ; Intelligent

Ø Electricity Supply; Electricity Feed applicable etc ) & Parameter setting

Ø Multi Application: can make as a DC BUS storage system with MPPT controller for the new PV system user; can add to the existed on grid solar system to

Ø make an AC BUS system ; Can make three phase system with 3 devices

Ø Adopt the advanced DSP & Digital Control Technology which makes the system more stable and reliable.

Ø Multi-type battery compatible ( Lead-acid , Gel , Lithium-Battery ), Battery Management function

Ø Three stage battery charge control (bulk \ float \ absorb)

Ø Recharge batteries from the grid to protect batteries when the battery is too low

Ø Automatic change into off grid mode when grid fails

Ø LCD Display, user friendly interface in multi-lingual language

Ø Separate product available , also can offer as system in cabinet


Ø (Mobile) communication base station

Ø General family-roof top projects

Ø Small commercial and industrial areas

Ø Areas where there is peak-vallery grid price or grid is not reliable