Series: Solar Hybrid

Dimension(DXWXH): 109.3 × 516 ×467mm

Weight: 15kg/17kg

Communication Port:

Warranty: 2 / 5 / 7 years

Certifiate: TUV,SAA,CE

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Hybrid (on & off-grid) inverter SH series are multi-function electricity device designed and developed for residential & commercial use,. This inverter covers off-grid loading, PV feedback, AC charger, PV charger function in one device. Variety of energy input (PV power, battery, the grid) provides Uninterrupted and stable power supply for users. It guarantees Non-stop supplying electricity to the user while the grid is not available. Multiple usage and storage of solar energy provides more choices for its reasonable application.

Complicated but intelligent energy-control provides you multiple choices, meeting demands from different users. Users could choose the most economical mode according to his actual needs, bringing positive economical benefits.


Ø High Frequency Transformer, small and compact size

Ø Built-in MPPT Solar Charger

Ø Multi- Application Mode available, on-grid, off-grid PV directly to Grid or Load , no need through battery to reduce the battery charge-discharge times to finally prolong the battery lifetime

Ø Most advanced DSP Digital control system

Ø Multi-type battery compatible ( Lead-acid , Gel , Lithium-Battery )

Ø Three stage battery charge control (bulk\float\absorb)

Ø Easy installation and free maintenance

Ø Multiple communication mode as RS485,USB, etc.

Ø Friendly user interface with LCD display

Ø Reliable protection for over/under voltage, antiislanding, short circuit, overload, etc.

Ø Battery can be added in the future , a good choice for the future consideration to install on grid system when there is Feed in Tariff policy