Soalr PV Pumping System consists of : solar PV array;solar pump inverters; pumps, pipelines and storage systems. B&B Power Solar Pump Inverters can drive almost all common AC 3phase pumps on the market! Easy to configuration! B&B Power Solar Pump Inverters convert the DC of the PV array into 3phase AC power and drive water pump, and adjust output power according to sunlight intensity, and MPPT, to maximize the use of solar energy. Supply clean energy, decreasing the discharge of greenhouse gas.

Daily Water Requirements

Each person, for all purposes= 75 gal/day
Cow/calf pair=10 to 30 gal/day
Each horse, dry cow or beef= 10 to 20 gal/day
Each milking cow=35 gal/day
Each sheep=2 gal/day
Each hog or 100 chickens= 4 gal/day
*actual requirements may vary