SP3K7H / 5K5H / 7K5H

Series: Solar Pump

Dimension(DXWXH): 181mm/282mm/164mm

Weight: 8KG

Communication Port: RS485

Warranty: 3 years

Certifiate: CE

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Solar pump inverter is an important part of PV pumping system, it will convert DC power of PV modules array into AC power and drive water pump, and adjust the output voltage and frequency in real time according to sunlight intensity, to achieve the maximum power point tracking, maximize the usage of solar energy.


Ø Advanced IGBT module, Max. efficiency up to 98%, stability and safety

Ø Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) efficiency>99.9%

Ø Wide range of MPPT input voltage

Ø Indoors and outdoors usage(IP65)

Ø Modular design for easy installation and free maintenance

Ø Multi-lingual display

Ø Unique and special design especially for pump

Ø Special water level sensor for protection