B&B Power Got 2013 PV Application Innovation Award

Posted on 2014-10-11 09:47:54 by B&B power

On December 12th, 2013, B&B Power Hybrid inverters were awarded as “ Annual PV Application Innovation ” on the China Annual International PV industry Technology Application Conference . This is the high praise and reorganization for B&B Power’ R&D ability and Product Reliability.

With the development PV power industry, the micro-grid plays a more and more important role. B&B Hybrid Inverter is an ideal solution for systems that need to make the most of solar energy to support the grid .

For the areas where the electricity authority allows to feed into grid, The PV energy change DC into AC through B&B Hybrid inverter for the Load use, excess can deliver to the grid directly or save in the battery. If the Load is too big or when the PV Power or Battery not enough for the Load, the PV power and grid can supply to the Load at the same time through B&B Hybrid inverter.

Our Hybrid Inverters have been sold to in Europe, Middle East, South Asia already and get good feedback .Warmly welcome to contact us for more details!