Series: Solar Charger

Dimension(DXWXH): 203/210/70mm

Weight: 2.3 kg

Communication Port: RS485

Warranty: 2 years

Certifiate: CE

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SCC50 MPPT Charge Controller is the best choice to charge batteries by solar PV power. With MPPT, it could improve 20-40% usage of solar panels; And the controller could manage/monitor batteries, prolong batteries life with multi-step charging, anti-over charging and anti-over discharging.


Ø MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking )

Ø Max Efficiency of 97.5%

Ø High Tracking efficiency of 99%

Ø Multi-step charge control

Ø Full power output in ambient temperature from -20 ~ to 45℃

Ø Temperature compensation

Ø Sealed, Gel and lithium battery option

Ø RS485 communication

Ø 2- year warranty